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IROX Mete-on 1

Artikelnummer: I00164

Free reception of weather forecasts for four days and nights through the time signal transmitter DCF77 (Germany)
- Daily new forecasts made by professional weather office in Berne (Switzerland)
- Four-day forecasts for 60 meteorological regions in Europe plus 30 additional regions for two days
- 15 different weather icons
- Likeliness of precipitation in % and in 8 steps
- Predominant wind direction and max. wind speed (8 levels)
- Temperature forecasts in °C
- Special text message in case of extreme weather developments and situations like Foehn, Bise, Mistral, Tramontana and Scirocco
? Radio controlled clock with date and seconds
- Auto selection of the best receivable transmitter thanks to a 4-fold receiver circuit
- High resolution FSTN display (visible window 167 x 92 mm) with white backlight
- Light sensor for "backlight auto ON" (with power adapter) ? World's first and innovative "TEST" function for evaluating the reception quality with indication "good location" or "change location"
- System texts in 8 languages
- Powered by batteries 4 x AA and/or power adapter (incl.)
- Dimension: 255 x 170 x 41 mm

Ca pris: 2995 kr


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